moral garbage on legs (ellielabelle) wrote in dancinginmyroom,
moral garbage on legs

The Inaugural Girl Disco/Boy Disco Romp

After dinner, a small disco was had to the groovy sounds of my spectacular new mix cd.

The Tunes
- Franz Ferdinand/Take Me Out
- Pink Grease/Fever
- Diana Ross/Upside Down
- The Rapture/House Of Jealous Lovers
- Blondie/Rapture
- Lipps Inc./Funkytown
- The Killers/Somebody Told Me
- Baccara/Yes Sir, I Can Boogie
- Gang Of Four/Glass
- Goldfrapp/Train
- The Rapture/I Need Your Love
- Franz Ferdinand/Michael
- Nikka Costa/Like A Feather
- Outkast/Hey Ya
- Donna Summer/I Feel Love

The Location
Cutting up the rug in the dining room, yo. Not strictly a bedroom disco, but in the Big Pink Palace there is no room for multi-person discoing.

The Guests
Myself and hip sibling SlasherSister. Groovy.

The Clothes
Nothing special, really. Black jeans with mahoosive turn-ups, flip-flops, pirate t-shirt and a pink scarf.

The Vibe
It was a pleasant after dinner type thing. To be repeated at a later date. Success!
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